Saving Davey Gravy

Saving Davey Gravy cover
“Ph-aaaw,” the little kid whines. “It smells so bad in here.”

“So don’t come in,” I holler, sticking my head out of the cubicle. He takes one look at my sweaty face, like a zombie emerging from a grave, and bolts. The toilet door slams behind him. It’s the second kid I’ve had to scare off.

I’m dreading that someone I know is going to use the toilet before I can sort things out.

In the first week of Grade 6, average schoolkid Davey Grant has to deal with one furious teacher, two new nicknames, three psycho chickens and his Mum nearly going into full-on, please-run-screaming-from-the-building meltdown mode – all in time to beat the invincible Port Blue in the first game of the Aussie Rules football season. Can he make it?

Saving Davey Gravy is an upper primary/ middle grade chapter book for children aged 8-11, containing fifteen snappy chapters and a guide to Aussie Rules football and Australian slang. With plenty of humour, sport and action, it is written to appeal to reluctant readers.

Saving Davey Gravy is available exclusively at Amazon, in a Kindle Edition, and you can preview chapters by using the Look Inside! feature. If you do not own a Kindle, there are a variety of reading apps available online. An EPUB version for devices like iPads and Nooks is planned soon (as soon as I learn to code EPUBs!).

I’m seeking Amazon and Goodreads reviewers for Saving Davey Gravy. You will need access to an active Amazon account, or be willing to start a Goodreads profile. Alternatively, you will have some idea for reviewing what I haven’t thunk of yet. Shoot me an email via my Contact page with a note asking for a free review copy of Saving Davey Gravy and your preference for either MOBI (Kindle) or PDF. Thanks.