Structuring ebooks

    Part 10: consider how you will structure the front and back matter of your ebook, and a word on copyright permission.   So, you’ve written, edited and proofed your book. You’ve downloaded the necessary programs to code and convert it. You’re all set to go, right?   Nope. Not yet. There is the […]

Show me the money (that you’ll spend on indie publishing)

    Part 6: what are the potential costs involved with indie publishing?   The good news is that you can publish an Amazon ebook for no cost.* Nada. Zilcho. Except for the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours that you will sink into your new hobby of publishing, and which must really be called a […]

Pros and cons of indie publishing

    Part 5: what should you know about indie publishing before you decide to become an indie publisher?   If you want to be an indie publisher, prepare to fill a myriad of roles other than that of ‘writer’. Successful publishers, indie or otherwise, state again and again that it’s not the sort of […]