Generating a Kindle-compliant ebook with KindleGen

    Part 19: combine your ebook cover, HTML, OPF and NCX files to make a MOBI ebook suitable for Amazon.   By the end of this article, you should have an Amazon-compliant MOBI book file which you can read in Kindle Previewer, or on your Kindle – and, of course, upload to Amazon. Now, […]

Ebook creation software

    Part 7: learn about the most popular ebook creation programs currently available.   As mentioned in the previous article, to hand-code an ebook you’ll need to download the following programs Notepad++ (free, open source), Kindle Previewer (free) and KindleGen (also free).   Notepad++ is where you’ll compile your ebook’s HTML, Kindle Previewer allows […]

Show me the money (that you’ll spend on indie publishing)

    Part 6: what are the potential costs involved with indie publishing?   The good news is that you can publish an Amazon ebook for no cost.* Nada. Zilcho. Except for the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours that you will sink into your new hobby of publishing, and which must really be called a […]

Acronyms and handy links

    Part 2: learn the acronyms associated with Kindle publishing, and a list of handy links.   AZW: an ebook file format designated as .azw and sold by Amazon.   BISAC: the book industry standards and communications code categorises books by subject matter.   CiP: cataloguing in publication is an aggregation service performed by […]

An overview of Amazon publishing

    Part 1: decide if Kindle publishing is right for you, and a warning for technophobes.   At the end of 2012, I decided to publish my first children’s chapter book, Saving Davey Gravy, in a Kindle Edition. I’d spent a couple of months tinkering with this website and butchering Josh Stauffer’s Transchild theme, […]