Review: The Five Day Writer’s Retreat

    The Five Day Writer’s Retreat by Buffy Greentree is a guide which promises to “rejuvenate your mind and sustain your passion” for writing. Will you stay the distance or disappear down the pub late on the second day? Every writer out there reads writing guides at some point in their journey, even if […]

How to get ebook reviews, part 2

    Part 27: a review of ebook review sources for indie publishers and emerging authors. (We have to go deeper.)   This article rates the usefulness of commonly mentioned ebook review sources and four Google shortcuts which might get your ebooks in the hands of trusted reviewers a lot quicker than by traditional searching […]

How to get ebook reviews, part 1

    Part 26: to sell ebooks, you need reviews, which is not as simple as it sounds.   Good reviews are vital for the indie publisher. The consensus is that Amazon shoppers will not buy items, including ebooks, which lack reviews. I know from my own online shopping habits that I’ll seek out items […]