Cheques, US bank account or Payoneer?

    Part 25: learn how overseas authors and publishers can access their Amazon royalty payments fast and with reduced fees and charges.   Unfortunately for authors from many countries, including Australia, the only option to accept royalties collected by Amazon is to be paid via international cheque, in US currency. Every time your royalties […]

Royalties, US taxation and the EIN

    Part 24: learn how to prevent the IRS from claiming a quarter of your Amazon royalties in 6 easy steps.   The bad news is that there is a base withholding rate of taxation for overseas authors publishing and being paid through a US entity such as Amazon. For Australians based in Australia, […]

Show me the money (that you’ll spend on indie publishing)

    Part 6: what are the potential costs involved with indie publishing?   The good news is that you can publish an Amazon ebook for no cost.* Nada. Zilcho. Except for the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours that you will sink into your new hobby of publishing, and which must really be called a […]