Uploading to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, part 1

    Part 21: upload your MOBI ebook to Amazon and write the marketing copy which will help to sell it.   Compared to the rest of the publishing process, uploading to Amazon is a fairly soothing experience. It’s the one area where an author’s hand is held rather firmly by Amazon, so instead of […]

Generating a Kindle-compliant ebook with KindleGen

    Part 19: combine your ebook cover, HTML, OPF and NCX files to make a MOBI ebook suitable for Amazon.   By the end of this article, you should have an Amazon-compliant MOBI book file which you can read in Kindle Previewer, or on your Kindle – and, of course, upload to Amazon. Now, […]

Preparing the NCX file

    Part 15: use my example NCX template to add an NCX file to your own ebook.   Almost there! The NCX file controls the Kindle’s navigation through the chapters of your ebook. Without it, the ‘go to’ feature won’t allow readers to navigate directly to your table of contents. Instead, that option will […]

Preparing the HTML file, part 2

    Part 13: use my example Kindle HTML template to add code to your own ebook.   Okay. You’ve coded your manuscript’s body. Now, we’ll look at the head and table of contents. Perhaps the best way to learn this is by following an annotated example, and *reaches under the desk* here’s one I […]

Preparing the HTML file, part 1

    Part 12: add paragraph and heading tags to your ebook, and replace punctuation and symbols with HTML entity codes.   Notepad++ is a lightweight but robust text editor which is perfect for generating HTML files which are suitable for converting into Kindle ebooks. Preparing your ebook file 1. Open Notepad++, select your entire […]

An overview of Amazon publishing

    Part 1: decide if Kindle publishing is right for you, and a warning for technophobes.   At the end of 2012, I decided to publish my first children’s chapter book, Saving Davey Gravy, in a Kindle Edition. I’d spent a couple of months tinkering with this website and butchering Josh Stauffer’s Transchild theme, […]

So, I hear you want to publish a Kindle Edition ebook?

    This collection of articles will guide you through the process of converting a finished manuscript into an indie published Kindle Edition ebook of professional quality, from scratch, in 32 steps.   It’s written for novices by a novice, so you may not agree with some of what I have to say. I probably […]