Cataloguing in publication (CiP)

    Part 20: learn how to submit your ebook to cataloguing in publication databases.   This article deals specifically with Australian publishing matters. If you are a reader from the United States, a similar scheme is run by the National Library of Congress. Agencies in the United Kingdom and Canada also record CiP details. […]


    Part 18: should you assign an ISBN to your Kindle ebook?   An ISBN is a 13 digit number which uniquely identifies books and book-like products around the world. An earlier version of the ISBN had only 10 digits, but these are now obsolescent and can be upgraded to the new format. Each […]

Show me the money (that you’ll spend on indie publishing)

    Part 6: what are the potential costs involved with indie publishing?   The good news is that you can publish an Amazon ebook for no cost.* Nada. Zilcho. Except for the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours that you will sink into your new hobby of publishing, and which must really be called a […]