Everything I know about indie publishing

    A lecture on ebook publishing I prepared for a tertiary seminar on publishing. It’s been a few months now since my last post, but this isn’t the kind of site where I promise to deliver three weekly updates, only to disappoint with the inevitable absences. Google Analytics tells me that people come here […]

Making your own author website

    Part 30: quickly create your own author website via Blogger, Joomla or WordPress to act as a focal point for your writing and publishing.   Okay. By now you’ll have a number of pages on various websites and social media platforms (Amazon, Amazon Author Central, Goodreads and Facebook, at least). Your own author […]

Generating a Kindle-compliant ebook with KindleGen

    Part 19: combine your ebook cover, HTML, OPF and NCX files to make a MOBI ebook suitable for Amazon.   By the end of this article, you should have an Amazon-compliant MOBI book file which you can read in Kindle Previewer, or on your Kindle – and, of course, upload to Amazon. Now, […]

Preparing the NCX file

    Part 15: use my example NCX template to add an NCX file to your own ebook.   Almost there! The NCX file controls the Kindle’s navigation through the chapters of your ebook. Without it, the ‘go to’ feature won’t allow readers to navigate directly to your table of contents. Instead, that option will […]

Preparing the HTML file, part 2

    Part 13: use my example Kindle HTML template to add code to your own ebook.   Okay. You’ve coded your manuscript’s body. Now, we’ll look at the head and table of contents. Perhaps the best way to learn this is by following an annotated example, and *reaches under the desk* here’s one I […]

Preparing the HTML file, part 1

    Part 12: add paragraph and heading tags to your ebook, and replace punctuation and symbols with HTML entity codes.   Notepad++ is a lightweight but robust text editor which is perfect for generating HTML files which are suitable for converting into Kindle ebooks. Preparing your ebook file 1. Open Notepad++, select your entire […]

Preparing the manuscript for coding

    Part 11: begin the conversion of your Word or Writer manuscript to an ebook in minutes, with regular expressions.   Word processors like Microsoft Word and Open Office Writer are a boon for writers, allowing quick and powerful formatting. For instance, if there’s something I know I’ll have to check after I’ve finished […]

Understanding HTML

    Part 9: become familiar with basic ebook HTML such as tags, styles, attributes and sections.   HTML tells web browsers, and ebook readers, how to display content. The page you are reading this on is constructed via HTML elements which format and position the content. James Marshall has written a very gentle primer […]