Everything I know about indie publishing

    A lecture on ebook publishing I prepared for a tertiary seminar on publishing. It’s been a few months now since my last post, but this isn’t the kind of site where I promise to deliver three weekly updates, only to disappoint with the inevitable absences. Google Analytics tells me that people come here […]

Ebook formats

    Part 8: the pros and cons of ebook formats such as EPUB, MOBI and PDF.   If you ever want to make your head explode, check out Wikipedia’s list of ebook formats. Like most format wars, though, there are winners and losers and the good news for sanity is that most formats on […]

Ebook creation software

    Part 7: learn about the most popular ebook creation programs currently available.   As mentioned in the previous article, to hand-code an ebook you’ll need to download the following programs Notepad++ (free, open source), Kindle Previewer (free) and KindleGen (also free).   Notepad++ is where you’ll compile your ebook’s HTML, Kindle Previewer allows […]

Acronyms and handy links

    Part 2: learn the acronyms associated with Kindle publishing, and a list of handy links.   AZW: an ebook file format designated as .azw and sold by Amazon.   BISAC: the book industry standards and communications code categorises books by subject matter.   CiP: cataloguing in publication is an aggregation service performed by […]