Cover design, part 2

    Part 17: if you decide to design your own ebook cover, here is some information that will save you hours of work.   In the last article, I tried to dissuade you from designing your own book cover, even though that’s precisely what I did. So. Which cover is right for you?     (source) No, […]

Cover design, part 1

    Part 16: decide if you have the skills to design your own ebook cover, or whether you should hire a designer.   Picture your own actions, the last time you entered a physical bookstore. Did you move through most of the store? Which section did you go to first? How long did you […]

Show me the money (that you’ll spend on indie publishing)

    Part 6: what are the potential costs involved with indie publishing?   The good news is that you can publish an Amazon ebook for no cost.* Nada. Zilcho. Except for the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours that you will sink into your new hobby of publishing, and which must really be called a […]