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  1. Bill Mackintosh says:

    In “Lines 11-13” of the OPF file tutorial you incorporate a lamed link to the BISG 2012 list of identifiers (BISAC Subject Headings). BISG recommends that the 2015 list be adopted as of January 31, 2016. The new link is:

    Also interesting is the fact that free access to the identifiers is limited to BISG members, with non-members paying a minimum of $295, although for “BISAC 2015 JUV to YA Mapping,” (whatever that is) you can “Pay What You Want.”

    Perhaps obvious, I am a newbie to this subject. Also, perhaps, the BISG is not quite on-board with the recent upsurge is self-published books.

    • Thanks so much for this, Bill, including the link you provided. Here is the link on their website with the complete list of headings. It appears that the BISG are still offering (or are bound to offer) the codes as a free service, but they’re ‘encouraging’ people to pay a membership, or to purchase a hard or downloadable copy of the codes list.

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