Only fools ride shotgun

me me me up     here in the back
neck stretched the world comes
quickquick like screechbirds on the sand
nah     quicker than screechbirds
flap away
from jaws that snap on nothin
god its quick
oh the smells
piling up i cant smell them all
wet gum sheep piss roo spray
something dead turns my head
no good for eatin
well maybe but then maybe
i sick it up
prolly on their soft floor     and
bad friggin dog they say     and
a tail droppin whack goes my way     but
so many
so fast
they make new smells
i aint never smelt before
under my feet it thumps like slammed doors     and
the trees go wha wha wha     and
coins of slobber
hit the road behind
‘Only fools ride shotgun’ was first published in Verandah.