Older readers


Short pieces

Only fools ride shotgun: just a dog riding around in the back of a ute.
Smallholdings: a teenager takes his friend Francine on a date in his father’s Valiant. Things start to go wrong.
Something we have lost: a tourist stumbles across a body, late at night.
The Koala Motel: a stranded driver learns more about a family’s disappearance at an abandoned Outback motel.
When the sisters faced east: the story of the Trung Sisters, two Queens who rallied an army of women and peasants to drive out the mighty Han invaders from the north, has resonated through Vietnamese society for two thousand years.


Cameron’s alien mentors: explores dual mentor roles in James Cameron’s Aliens (1986). Trigger warning: Joseph Campbell.
Selling the dummy: the unfortunately true account of how one man, who shall not be named*, inadvertently cheated his way onto Sale of the Century.
* His surname may start with a T.