Everything I know about indie publishing

    A lecture on ebook publishing I prepared for a tertiary seminar on publishing. It’s been a few months now since my last post, but this isn’t the kind of site where I promise to deliver three weekly updates, only to disappoint with the inevitable absences. Google Analytics tells me that people come here […]

Amazon publishing checklist

    Kindle indie publishing, conclusion: use this checklist to work through the indie publishing process in a methodical manner.   A PDF version of this list is available here.   Mine tend to say things like ‘breakfast is in the fridge’ and ‘pants first, then shoes’     (source) Amazon publishing checklist Manuscript on Open Office Writer […]

Beyond Amazon

    Part 32: you’ve published on Amazon … what now? A collection of thoughts and ideas of where to go next.   You’ve done it. You’ve published your indie ebook on Amazon and started the long process of winding up the starter motor on your profile as an author. Or, perhaps you haven’t, and […]

15 thoughts from an Amazon indie publisher

    Part 31: a list of advice from a moderately successful and anonymous Amazon author.   Over a year ago, even before I’d thought about publishing an ebook myself, I stumbled across a thread about Amazon and ebooks on a literary forum. The writer talked it up as a moderately successful indie publisher, and […]

Making your own author website

    Part 30: quickly create your own author website via Blogger, Joomla or WordPress to act as a focal point for your writing and publishing.   Okay. By now you’ll have a number of pages on various websites and social media platforms (Amazon, Amazon Author Central, Goodreads and Facebook, at least). Your own author […]

Managing social media, part 2

    Part 29: determine which social media platforms are the right ones for you to showcase your writing and ebooks.   Social media platforms are not identical. Some are busier than others, and some will be a better fit for your style of promotion. Frighteningly, these are about half of the platforms you could […]

Managing social media, part 1

    Part 28: use social media platforms to effectively gather and retain fans, followers and friends who are interested in your writing.   In terms of results versus distraction, social media is a two edged sword for writers, and how well it works for you will largely depend on the skill with which you […]

How to get ebook reviews, part 2

    Part 27: a review of ebook review sources for indie publishers and emerging authors. (We have to go deeper.)   This article rates the usefulness of commonly mentioned ebook review sources and four Google shortcuts which might get your ebooks in the hands of trusted reviewers a lot quicker than by traditional searching […]

How to get ebook reviews, part 1

    Part 26: to sell ebooks, you need reviews, which is not as simple as it sounds.   Good reviews are vital for the indie publisher. The consensus is that Amazon shoppers will not buy items, including ebooks, which lack reviews. I know from my own online shopping habits that I’ll seek out items […]

Cheques, US bank account or Payoneer?

    Part 25: learn how overseas authors and publishers can access their Amazon royalty payments fast and with reduced fees and charges.   Unfortunately for authors from many countries, including Australia, the only option to accept royalties collected by Amazon is to be paid via international cheque, in US currency. Every time your royalties […]