Amazon publishing checklist

Kindle indie publishing, conclusion: use this checklist to work through the indie publishing process in a methodical manner.
A PDF version of this list is available here.

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Amazon publishing checklist

Manuscript on Open Office Writer

□     structural edit done
□     copy edit done
□     proofreading done
□     front matter included
□     back matter included
□     ISBN purchased and assigned
□     application for CiP completed (depending on country)
□     copyright material permissions applied for and granted
□     manuscript prepared via regular expressions
□     bold and italic text wrapped with HTML tags or HTML entities replaced with entity codes
□     manuscript transferred to Notepad++
□     cover designs researched and samples downloaded
□     cover prototypes mocked up and workshopped
□     final cover designed and formatted

Manuscript on Notepad++

□     HTML entities coded or bold and italic text wrapped with HTML tags (as per above)
□     paragraphs and line breaks tagged and coded
□     chapter headings tagged and coded
□     head code added, and modified if desired
□     OPF file coded
□     NCX file coded
□     chapter links in HTML file matched to NCX and coded
□     ebook generated
□     ebook tested on Kindles, in Kindle Previewer and with Kindle apps

Ebook upload to Amazon and marketing

□     Amazon marketing copy (7, 30 & 100 word synopses) written
□     DRM and pricing structures decided upon
□     ebook uploaded to Amazon
□     Amazon Author Central profile completed
□     EIN applied for and received (if necessary)
□     W-8BEN number completed and mailed
□     royalty payment method chosen
□     social media profiles completed (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr, Pintrest and/or others)
□     reviewers sourced: family, friends, acquaintances, ebook forums and groups, social media aggregators, Amazon Top Reviewers, Amazon genre reviewers, book review blogs, and/or others
□     author blog/website completed

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