A boxful of broken things features fiction and non-fiction by Rhys Tate. (That’s me. Hi.) At the moment, I write narratives for younger readers and older readers. I don’t really like to make a distinction between the two, so I guess you can start where you feel most comfortable.
I’m including a section to contain my thoughts re: writing. Please don’t think that I’m presuming to teach people how to write; I’m still very much learning the ropes myself. It’s more of a place for me to formalise my own thinking on the process of reading and writing. You may find something of interest in there.
You can read my typically atypical writer’s biography and contact me if you wish. (Although I tend to let emails pile up in a heap, because having a lot of unread emails laying around makes me feel busy and important.) Finally, credit must be given to Pete Simon for his wonderfully battered Royal typewriter featured in the header.

Enjoy your stay.